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Trisha Banerjee
Research Scientist, TCG Lifesciences Pvt Ltd.

Trisha Banerjee did her masters in Molecular Biology from the Presidency college, Kolkata. She was a Senior research biologist in TCG Lifesciences. 5 years into the job, she took a break to find out what she wanted to do from what she was already doing. She joined Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute [SRFTI] to learn Animation Cinema. This unique course opened a new world that was completely unknown to her. Her love for stories finds new ways to flourish. She learned new techniques to make films and started telling stories as projects of SRFTI. Her first short animated film was ‘knachamithe’ [Unaged]. When she was asked to go for a documentary in animation, she chose the 300 years old art of making Baluchari saree, as she was married to a man of the village Baluchar, and she came to know it’s glorious yet unsung history from before. Mystically, she gifted her mother a Baluchari saree from her first salary years ago, to celebrate this Trisha asked her mother to do the voice-over for this film.

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