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Kunal Kundu

Kunal Kundu is an award winning artist and a polymath creative with a penchant for working in different media and styles. However, paper as a medium has always fascinated him. He makes his art by crumpling paper into shapes and later superimposing them on digital environments, and this is different from other known paper art styles like origami, pop-ups, solid geometry based paper engineering, relief cutouts or papier-mâché. Kunal’s paper crumpling style is, in his own words “like gesture drawing as a paper sculpture,” and when he is creating, he relies heavily on the pareidolia phenomenon (the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern). At the beginning of 2018, Kunal decided to lose the 'polymath creative' tag and develop a signature style of work. Around the same time, his son, barely a year old, used to crumple waste paper sheets and play with them. Kunal picked up one such crumpled piece of paper made by his son and it looked to him like a dog's head... That was the moment he knew he had found his signature style.

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