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Vaibhav Kumaresh & Anand Babu
Animators, Vaibhav Studios

Vaibhav Kumaresh is the man behind Simpoo Singh, the famous 30-second cartoon series featured on Channel V, which tickled millions of Indians. Almost two decades later, Vaibhav is as enthused about animation and storytelling, as he was in his early days. When he was doodling the face of his teacher in class, little did he know that one day he’ll be known for that character, Simpoo Singh. Over the last two decades, he has contributed to some of arguably India’s favourite animated content in the field of TV commercials and channel promos. Whether it’s the Amaron Battery ad campaign, or Chulbuli for Clinic Plus, or the Vodafone Zumis, Vaibhav’s work has been bang on.

Anand Babu is an animatics artist and co-director working at Vaibhav Studios in Mumbai. Currently he is working on season 4 of “Lamput”, a show produced for Cartoon Network Asia. The show was created by Vaibhav Kumaresh, his boss and mentor. Currently, he is working from Thiruvananthapuram

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