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Arun Prasad, Aarthi Parthasarathy & Alok Sharma

Arun Prasad is a practicing pannapictagraphist (comic book archivist), history researcher, artist and freelance writer based in Bangalore, With his vast and wide range of more than 18000 Indian comics includes many out of print comics ranging from mainstream publishers to independent comics. He is in the process of cataloging, documenting and archiving his collection.

Aarthi Parthasarathy is an Indian filmmaker and writer,and has written a number of comics and short graphic stories. She founded Falana Films, a Bangalore-based creative film and animation studio. She created the webcomic Royal Existentials and is also part of Kadak Collective, a group of South Asian women graphic artists and writers. She is one of the editors of the Bystander Anthology, an independent comics anthology released in 2021 by 50+ South Asian comic artists.

Alok Sharma has worked across media with experience in television, animation, feature films, radio, online content and comics. Alok began his career with Gotham Comics as a comic book artist, in 2004 and is now the CCO and Co-Founder of Indusverse, India's premium Graphic Novel brand. or the last few years he has been working on Chitrakatha: Indian Comics Beyond Balloons and Panels’ a documentary that chronicles the history anthology released in 2021 by 50+ South Asian comic and evolution of sequential art in India.

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